How to Install Your TPU or Tempered Glass Screen Protector?

Imagine this. You just got your new screen protector. Your phone’s finally in reliable hands. But, upon, opening your screen guard, you realize things aren’t much simpler. It feels like receiving the secret to life in an extra-terrestrial language.

And, honestly, every new solution eventually becomes a new problem. But don’t worry! We’re here to help. Because, contrary to how it may seem, we believe your tools should work with you. And, truthfully, we traffic in solutions.

But, most importantly, we understand asking for help is oftentimes harder than what you need help with. So to spare your pride and time, here’s how to install your new screen protector. And don’t worry. Your secret’s safe with us!

How to Install Your TPU Screen Protector

Consider this a choose-your-own adventure tutorial. If you’re looking for how to install your tempered glass screen protector, have no fear! Scroll down past this section. You’ll find everything you need to know! But, for now, here’s how to install a TPU screen protector.

Step 1: Pick a Screen Protector

Picking the right screen protector isn’t easy. It’s almost like selecting a spouse. But for your phone. Which, I guess, makes this an arranged marriage. But that’s neither here nor there—romance is overrated, anyway! Only you can know what screen protector’s right for you. But, if you’re unsure, we have you covered. Here’s everything you need to make an informed decision! (internal link to copy about different kinds of screen protectors) 

Step 2: Find a Well-Lit Space and Get Organized

Find a well-lit surface to work on. A desk or table is ideal. Make sure you have everything you’ll need: your phone, a wipe cloth, a screen cloth, a dust remover, the screen protector, and a card. Turn your phone off before continuing.

Step 3: Wipe Dirt and Smudges off your Screen

Get your screen wipe. If your screen guard didn’t come with one, an alcohol wipe will do the trick. Wipe your screen clean of any dirt or smudges.

Step 4: Dry your Screen

Get your screen cloth. Wipe down the screen with your screen cloth so it’s nice and dry. If you don’t have a screen cloth, any glass friendly cloth (like a glasses cloth) is perfectly fine.

Step 5: Get those Persistent Pieces off

Use the dust remover provided. Swab and wipe away any residual dust. You don’t want this beneath your screen protector. Leftover bits could start looking fossilized in your new screen guard. 

Step 6: Remove the First Layer on the Protector

Remove the first, bottom layer on your new screen guard. This is the adhesive layer. It usually has a tab or something to demarcate where to peel.

Step 7: Put the Protector on Your Screen

Line up the screen guard with your phone’s borders. Lay it across flat and evenly. Use your hand to press it on gently.

Step 8: Get Rid of those Bubbles

Nothing’s worst than bubbles trapped beneath your screen protector. There are two ways to get rid of them. One is to use a card—like an ID or bank card—to press and push the bubbles out. Simply scrape them toward and off the edge of the screen. Another is wrapping the card in a screen cloth as a precaution to avoid damage. Afterward, scrape the bubbles out and off the same.

Step 9: Remove the Top Layer

Lastly, remove the top layer. Again, there should be something indicating where you are to pull. Just peel it off and voila! Your screen shouldn’t be so nebbish and weak anymore. It should now be equipped to take on the world!


How to Install Your Tempered Glass Screen Protector

If you wouldn’t settle for anything less but optimal protection, we’re here for you. And, honestly, we’d recommend the tempered glass screen protector almost every time. So if you skipped ahead (it’s almost like having a VIP ticket, right?), here’s how to install a tempered glass screen protector.

Step 1: Find a Well-Lit Space and Get Organized

If you’re an adrenaline junky, then disregard this. Live on the edge if you want. Don’t prepare. Just don’t say we didn’t warn you! But, if you’re not a certifiable B.A. (like me), then find a well-lit surface to work on. And, of course, make sure you have everything you’ll need: your phone, wipe cloth and a screen cloth. Turn your phone off before continuing.

Step 2: Clean Your Phone Screen

Wipe off your phone screen with the wet wipe your protector came with. If it didn’t come with one, any alcohol wipe will do. Ensure all dust, debris, and smudges are wiped clean.

Step 3: Clean Your New Protector

Use a wet wipe to clean the new screen protector itself. Ensure you remove the same: dust, debris, and smudges. 

Step 4: Dry the Screen and Screen Protector

Use the screen cloth to wipe your phone screen and screen protector until they’re nice and dry. If your protector didn’t come with a screen cloth, any glass-friendly cloth (like a cloth for glasses) will work perfectly.

Step 5: Remove Protective Layer from Screen Protector

Now retrieve the tempered glass screen protector. Maybe take a moment to truly marvel at it and the protection it offers. And maybe make a sacrifice to it as a sign of thanks. On the adhesive side of the screen guard, there’s a protective film. Some protectors will be labeled to indicate where to pull first. Hold the screen protector by its edges so you don’t leave fingerprints. Peel the film off. This side will apply directly onto your phone’s screen.

Step 6: Place Your Protector on Your Phone

Be sure to align the protector with your phone and its edges. It should align easily with the speaker and home button. Some protectors come with an installation frame to ease this process. Press it on tenderly. If the glass looks misaligned, gently lift it and realign it. Use two fingers to slowly press it on. It should resemble a wave across your screen. The adhesive side will naturally grip the screen.

Step 7: Remove Bubbles

If there are any bubbles remaining, use a card and your screen wipe. Wrap your card in your screen wipe. Gently “scrape” and press the bubbles to the edge of your protector and off it.

Now You Know How To Install Your TPU and Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

Now you know exactly how to install your new screen protector. It doesn’t matter if it’s a TPU screen protector or a tempered glass screen protector. You shouldn’t have any problems. The rest is up to you!

And remember not to take it for granted. Protection and security are invaluable. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions, comments, or concerns. We want to help keep your phone safe!