Omoton Lab - The Birthplace of Security

With years of accumulating deepening and toughening membrane production technology, we continue to use the highest-quality products, raw materials and exquisite craftsmanship, to global customers with the most highly secure protection.Our thorough inspection of products, inspection involving very strict standards, full and complete inspection of product appearance, also having fully functional laboratory testing equipment, the product’s ability to undergo reliability testing and real machine testing, guarantees the excellent quality of our products.

Thickness Measurement

Using common materials and processes of the film, the thinner it is, the better the sensitivity. In contrast, the thicker the screen, the more protection it will receive. To set ourselves apart, we use a different series of toughened films.

Through our precise measurements, we know that our series of toughened films vary from 0.1mm to 1mm, which the thinnest series of Omoton is 0.1mm, thinner than a piece of paper, to the point where it is still visible.

Hardness Test

A good toughened film can effectively protect your equipment from unnecessary scratches and friction. We conducted pencil scratch test on each film

The repeated testing onto the Omoton’s toughed films prove that even with a 9H pencil, 750g load, and 45 degree Angle scratch, it will not even leave a mark

Transmittance Test

The transmittance of mobile phone film will directly affect the displayed effect of the mobile phone screen

After thorough testing, the transmittance can reach 98.86%. Clear and transparent, restores the screen’s color, making pictures look more real, colorful and life-like.

Angle Drops Test

Now that using touch-screen phones are a necessity throughout everyone’s daily lives, it is very common for grease and other pollutants to be spread throughout the touch screen. This can additionally cause visual difficulties of the screen. We adopt Water Droplet Angle tests to minimize this risk.

According to the test, the initial drop Angle of Omoton's toughened film is 115 degrees, which is higher than the industry average of 110 degrees, which can maximize the anti-fingerprint oil, light and smoothness to the touch.

Friction Test

Within a period of 2 months, a common film would lose its friction-resistance protection.

Even after 3,000 times of repeated friction, the drop Angle can still reach 105 degrees, greater than the industry average of 100 degrees, achieving a lasting clean and brightness, as well as scratch resistance.

Anti Shock Test

Throughout our daily lives, our devices will continuously receive heavy impacts. In order to protect the screen, we test our toughened films through a ball impact testing machine.

Even after thorough testing, involving a 1.5m height and a weight of 64g ball-drop impact, the Omoton toughened film was still in good condition!

Stress Test

Through our stress tester we verify the compressive strength of our toughened films.

Omoton’s compressive strength of the toughened films are so strong and durable that they can reach 125Mpa, which is 5 times higher than the market

Sharp Edge Test

In order to ensure the safety of our products we use edge testers to detect whether the steel film has any unreasonably sharp edges.

After running tests, the two outer edges were not scratched and the Omoton steel film didn’t have any sharp edges.

Edge Pressure Test

In the process of using, the edge of the device is more likely to bump

Omoton produced the best toughened film in the industry through toughened treatment, to ensure high quality edges

Environmental Simulation Test

In our day-to-day lives, our equipment will be effected by the temperature, constant humidity, and the change in lighting. To ensure our best quality products, we thoroughly test and verify the quality of the Omoton toughened membrane, made to endure our thorough simulated test environments.

The Omoton toughened film ensures the perfect operation in any state by simulating various kinds of environmental climates through environmental simulation test equipment

Manual Inspection

In order to achieve the most comprehensive detection solution, after the high-tech equipment detection, each film also undergoes thorough manual visual inspection

Through manual inspections, all defects are eliminated, ensuring the quality of each film.